Precautions for pregnant women: Childbirth is a pleasurable experience that every woman can wish for, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, expectant mothers may worry about the health and safety of the baby. Cases of corona infection are increasing again in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and this can increase the stress among pregnant women. During this, if pregnant women adopt some health tips to keep themselves safe and healthy, then it can be very beneficial for them.

– Eat the right foods and beverages. Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables regularly during pregnancy as they provide essential vitamins and fiber. Whole grains such as quinoa, oatmeal, whole grain bread and brown rice should be consumed more.

Low-fat milk and milk products or soy without almonds, almonds should be included in your diet. If you are not allergic to proteins from beans, peas, eggs, meat and unsalted fruits and seeds.

Limit salt, solid fats (such as butter and shortening) and sugary drinks and foods.

Pregnant women should consume more folic acid-rich foods. Because it helps prevent birth defects in babies.

Pregnant women should consume more such foods which increase immunity. They are advised to take iron and calcium supplements along with protein. Apart from this, vitamin C, D and E should be consumed in more quantity.

Fruits rich in healthy fluids, soft coconut, lemon juice and vitamin C are recommended.

Weight gain is common during pregnancy and it helps the mother to give birth easily. But being overweight or underweight can lead to serious health problems and increase your chances of getting diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Women should also do low-risk physical exercise during pregnancy. Apart from this, you should walk daily. This will reduce the pain during pregnancy.

Pay close attention to personal hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and make sure the house is clean. Along with this, getting enough sleep is also necessary to stay healthy and energetic.