Mumbai: To lose weight, it is said that many people go hungry or eat very little. But doing this to lose weight is very wrong. If you want to lose weight, a proper diet and a good fitness routine can help you. To have a healthy diet for weight loss, you need to change your daily habits. So today learn some easy diet tricks to lose weight and keep the body healthy.

Emphasize on eating fruits instead of fruit juice

If you prefer to drink fruit juice, you should focus on eating fruit instead. Eating fruits is more beneficial for health than fruit juice. It also reduces the calorie intake. In addition, studies have shown that fruit consumption is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

eat less

Often we overeat. This can lead to extra calories and unnecessary weight gain. There will be fatigue and constant tiredness after weight loss.


Do not eat food while watching TV, drink water

Between two meal times, we often start eating while watching TV. At this time calories are consumed because we do not pay attention to our food. Which leads to weight gain. So in such a situation you have a tendency to drink water. It will also provide water to the body and quench your hunger.

eat in moderation

If you think that hunger will help you lose weight then you are wrong. You can eat less than that. This will not leave you hungry and will not burn extra calories.