Mumbai: I get bored doing exercise everyday. However, by abstaining from exercise, weight fluctuations become immediately noticeable. Today we are going to give you some tips to prevent this from happening. If for some reason you cannot exercise, you can incorporate some simple exercises into your daily routine.

Take a 2-minute walk every hour

If you are sitting and working, you should walk at least 2 minutes per hour. Even if you are in the office, you should watch the clock for at least 2 minutes every hour. Sitting for a long time is likely to increase your weight.

skipping a rope

If you don’t exercise, you can jump rope. You can burn about 400 calories in an hour by jumping rope. You have to skip 100 every minute. Jumping rope is beneficial to avoid the risk of heart disease.


who climbed

If you want to go somewhere then choose the option of climbing stairs. In this you can burn 300 to 400 calories. If you climb 60 steps, you can burn calories around your legs and buttocks. Burning calories strengthens muscles. In addition, climbing stairs lowers cholesterol. This is the best exercise for weight loss.

Stamina increases with these 3 exercises

This exercise is very beneficial for increasing stamina. According to experts, if you do not exercise and include this exercise in your daily routine, then only you will see a big difference. It not only burns your calories but also makes your bones strong.