Watermelon is an excellent fruit to get essential minerals for the body in summers. In terms of taste too, the fun of eating watermelon in summer is something else. Know about the benefits of this.

Know in which diseases it will be beneficial
It is beneficial for keeping the heart healthy. Apart from this, it also removes digestive problems. Consuming watermelon is beneficial for weight loss. Along with defeating cancer, it also removes muscle pain. Along with boosting the immune system, it is also beneficial for asthma patients.

Know here how to make watermelon juice at home


-2 kg watermelon
-1 unripe lemon
-1 cup ice
Chunks – Chaat masala as per taste


First wash and cut the watermelon and then cut the green part. Cut the red part into small pieces and flip them in the mixer. When the pulp and juice of watermelon is mixed, sieve it through a sieve. Squeeze lemon juice in this juice and mix it well and pour it in a glass. Then add as much ice as you want and serve. If you want, you can also garnish with one or two mint leaves. If you want, you can also add a little sugar to this syrup. If you want, add chaat masala as per taste. This may increase his test as well.