Do you eat very little, yet your obesity is increasing, so be careful. Because this obesity can give a lot of trouble later. Know some important things about this obesity.

Although you must have heard that your fat is increasing by eating more, but have you seen that you eat very little, exercise, yet your obesity is increasing. If you don’t pay attention to it now, it can kill you.

how to increase body weight

  • Being hungry for a long time and eating a lot suddenly increases obesity.
  • Due to slip disorder, a hormone called cortisol increases, due to which fat increases.
  • Consuming excess amount of sugar in food leads to accumulation of fat in the body.
  • standing still for a long time sitting for a long time
  • Due to stress, many times we start eating more food, due to which we become a victim of obesity.

Swelling of body weakness from within

Sometimes your body looks bloated from outside, but weakness starts from inside, sometimes feels heavy from inside. It can be an infection caused by inflammation in the internal body. It can cause dangerous inflammatory conditions in the body due to high lipid levels, especially triglycerides in the blood, for which you should consult a doctor.

Obesity can be reduced with home remedies

  • Increase the wheat-based diet and decrease the rice-based diet.
  • Instead of drinking water throughout the day, drink water when you are thirsty.
  • Make it a habit to drink warm water twice a day at any time of the day.
  • Instead of staying in one place, keep moving yourself occasionally.
  • Eat fruits or vegetables in any form of citrus foods rich in vitamin C like grapes, oranges, tomatoes, lemons.
  • Do not eat anything extra without reason.

Stay away from obesity-reducing drugs

It is being seen that many types of medicines, protein powders are being sold in the markets to reduce obesity, they come here from house to house and sell these medicines to you in their disguise, but you never fall in their trap. If there is a more serious problem, consult a doctor.