Keeping the knees right is good for our health. Because knees help us to go from here to there. We stand on our feet, but for that it is very important to support our knees. Therefore, the knees should be taken care of at the right time. If there is pain in the knees, then it is necessary to take the opinion of the doctor once. Let us tell you that our knees bear many types of shocks to the body. So having healthy knees is very important for our overall health.

Due to weak knees or suffering from knee arthritis, our movement gets affected. For healthy knees, it is necessary that our body weight is right so that there is no extra burden on our knees. Along with this, a lot of exercise is also necessary. Let us tell you some such ways, by trying which you can keep your knees healthy…

walk on flat ground If you have arthritis or any knee problem, you should not walk on very boggy or high, low ground. Always walk on the side of the road or on flat ground. So that there is no blow on your knees.

Do not jump on the stairs: If your knees are not in good condition, then running on stairs etc. should not put any extra pressure on them. Especially if you are overweight, then running on stairs with fast steps can prove to be harmful. for your knees. Climb the stairs slowly and take the support of the arms, so that the weight of the body is divided.

Keep these things in mind while cycling: Cycling is a good exercise. But remember, whenever you pedal the bicycle, keep your knees straight, for this it is important that you keep the bicycle seat as high as possible.

Keep in mind in sports: Sometimes sports can cause knee injury. Hence one should always wear protective gear during sports to avoid any accidents.