Fennel :
Fennel calms the stomach by curing acidity. Boil 1 teaspoon fennel in 2 cups of water and consume it 2-3 times a day. This will benefit the small and large intestines. Consuming fennel after 5-10 minutes of food is beneficial.


If the problem of gas and acidity persists, then regular consumption of ajma is beneficial. If you do not do this remedy regularly, then try to eat ajma on the day you have eaten a lot of spicy dishes. This eliminates the harmful substances present in the stomach. The special thing is that ajma contains calcium which is beneficial for bones. Mix a small spoon of ajma in castor oil or salt, eat it 10 minutes after eating and drink a glass of water. Apart from this, you can also try it in vegetables.

Ginger :
Ginger helps in reducing gas. Its regular consumption keeps the digestive system strong. Enzymes are released in sufficient quantity in the stomach. Half teaspoon ginger should be taken with normal or lukewarm water 10-15 minutes after eating.


Harad is a panacea for indigestion. It is very beneficial in stomach diseases. Keeps the stomach clean and also helps in quick digestion of food. Half a teaspoon of horseradish should be taken with plain water 10-15 minutes after a meal.

basil :
Basil leaves also give relief in acidity. It prevents stomach ulcers and strengthens digestion. Consuming 3-4 basil leaves daily keeps the stomach healthy and boiling it in water is more beneficial.


Asafoetida is widely used in cooking. Its smell increases appetite and is also beneficial for digestion. Digestive enzymes are released in proper quantity by its regular consumption. Applying asafetida on the stick also gets rid of gas problem and also provides relief in stomachache. Asafoetida is very beneficial for children.

Clove: Clove
The stomach remains healthy by regular consumption. Chew one or two cloves 10 minutes after a meal. By doing this the food will be digested and the stomach will be cleaned. Chewing clove bud also strengthens the gums. You can also take it with tea.