• A mixture of grains and basil powder gives protection from diseases.
  • Scientists made nutritious biscuits and cakes
  • Helps prevent diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases

For this, scientists have used five percent basil powder in coarse cereals, due to which the nutritional value of biscuits and cakes has increased significantly. Scientist Dr. Saroj Dahya and Senior Research Fellow Suman, who carried out this research, said that using Tulsi compound product will help in preventing diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. If there is a problem of malnutrition, then by consuming these products daily, this problem can also be avoided.
Dr. Dahiya said that this research started a year ago and is still going on. It has received a lot of praise. The aim is that women and farmers can start their own business by learning to produce in this way. He said that many women and farmers are coming to us for this. They will be trained very soon, so that this objective can be fulfilled.

Tulsi mix with barley, jowar, gravel and chana dal will be

Mixing 60 percent millet, 10 percent millet and barley, 15 percent gram dal, dried basil leaves was mixed and mixed. Five percent Tulsi powder will be added to this mixture. The cakes and biscuits made thereafter were tested and found that their nutritional value increased manifold.