Yogasanas: It is very important for a person to be healthy in order to live life. Yoga is very important in our life, by doing yoga a person can remain healthy. Although all yogasanas are beneficial for our body, but every yogasana has its own special importance to get rid of any particular disease and problem. Today we will tell you about the benefits of Samkonasana in this article.

samkasana (concussion):

right angle + posture = right angle pose

Samakonasana is made up of two names, right angle and asana. By doing this asana, the body makes an angle of 90 degrees, hence the name Samakonasana. By doing Samakonasana, there is flexibility in the body and one can get relief from back pain.

Benefits of Samkonasana (Benefits of Sankonasana):

Get relief from back pain

By doing Samakonasana daily, not only gives relief from back pain, but also strengthens the back.

Helpful in reducing stress

Stress can be reduced by doing Samkonasana daily. This increases confidence and self-control.

Get relief in neck pain (relief in garden pain)

Neck pain goes away by doing Samkonasana. If a person has severe pain in the neck, then he should immediately do Samkonasana.

Bring flexibility to the body

Doing Samkonasana strengthens the spine along with flexibility in the body.

How to do samkonasana (like this samakonasana)

To do Samkonasana, first of all, you should stand straight. After that you raise both your hands, now while bending the body from the waist, keep in mind that your knees are not bent. Bend down to 90 degrees and both hands should be in front and eyes should be towards the ground. During this, you have to keep taking long deep breaths, stay in this state for about 30 to 40 seconds. Then lower the hands and come to the normal position.