You all know about the power of Ayurvedic herbs. Each herb is loaded with medicinal properties, which is enough for a complete recovery. But Triphala is such a great herb that has medicinal properties of not one but three herbs.

Triphala is a multi-medicinal ayurvedic medicine in which the powers of Indian Amla/Amalaki, Bahera/Bibitaki and Haritaki are fully included. Triphala churna is made by mixing these three herbs in equal quantity. Triphala has tremendous ability to rejuvenate your body, strengthen your organs, especially the organs of your gastrointestinal system. Triphala is also called the elixir of life. Let us tell you the amazing health benefits of Triphala-

Boosts immunity and fights infection

Prevents dental diseases

Heals wounds and sunburns

enhances digestion power

Better management of gastric ulcer

UTI. fights with

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