When some unknown fear starts dominating the mind, it affects both the mind and the body. When the situation gets out of control, what happens is a panic attack.
This attack can happen suddenly to anyone, anywhere. In such a situation, there is shivering in the body, feeling of suffocation, shortness of breath, strange fear, restlessness, rapid breathing, feeling like a heart attack and it seems that there is nothing left. This is panic attack.
Panic attacks often occur in young and middle-aged people, especially those who are under constant stress, taking more responsibilities on themselves. When this is not fulfilled, a strange fear swirls in their mind that they might lose their job, fail the competition or become the victim of some such crime, accident, etc. . Women are more victims of this. Because they work under more pressure than men and neglect health more.
Panic attack can also be a warning sign for a patient of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma. In this case, it becomes necessary to be careful. In addition to patients with major illness, people who are depressed or depressed can also have panic attacks.
Identification of panic attack:
Suddenly some kind of fear starts to dominate.
Excessive stress, tension over small things.
– Rapid heartbeat with stress.
– Discomfort and chest pain.
Feeling of warmth even in cold weather.
Fainting or loss of physical balance.
– Trembling in the feet.
– Vomiting and upset stomach.
Headache all over the body.
If you have many of these symptoms, then get a doctor’s examination because many symptoms of heart attack and panic attack are similar. Panic attacks and heart attacks are checked by ECG.
A diabetic patient’s sugar level may drop suddenly and he may have a panic attack in panic. Such people should not remain hungry for long.
Similarly, blood pressure patients should be careful whether BP is high or low. Heart disease patients should be careful whenever the heart beats hard, feels suffocated, hands legs tremble, dizziness occurs.
Asthma patients stop breathing during a panic attack. Seems when it’s hard to escape. In that case you should see a doctor.
If you feel like this, take a long deep breath, sit still, bring positive thoughts in your mind, everything will be fine.
Slowly turn the head left and right.
If the partner has a panic attack, then holding his hand gives relief.
Listen to your partner no matter what he or she is saying. Don’t interrupt, don’t talk. Add yes to yes. Give the partner open air, loosen his clothes. see a doctor.