health: Most health experts say that salt should be eaten in moderation, yet there are many people who not only add salt to the food but also consume salt from above. Salt is being used in food preservation for a long time as well as many proverbs prove the importance of salt in our lives. Salt is important because it enhances the taste of food. Let us tell you that salt is actually a chemical compound made of sodium and chloride, which we use in our daily diet. But do you know that sodium can also have a bad effect on our body, so consuming salt in proper amount is beneficial for health.

What is the effect of sodium on our body?

Consuming too much sodium can increase our chances of getting high blood pressure. And high blood pressure is more likely to cause heart-related diseases, not only this, the possibility of kidney damage due to high blood pressure is very high. Therefore, it is very important that the level of sodium in the body is controlled as it can also affect the membranes of all the cells in your body. Eating too much salt increases the level of sodium in our blood, which increases the risk of many diseases along with high blood pressure.

Who should eat less salt?

People who are blood pressure patients should eat less salt. Not only this, some people are affected by eating too much salt which can be called ‘salt sensitive’ and they are at risk of developing high blood pressure from too much salt. Apart from this, if a person has heart disease, diabetes or any disease related to kidney, then you should reduce the amount of salt in your diet.

If you want to keep your blood pressure under control, then definitely reduce the salt in your diet, apart from this increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet, which can keep your blood pressure under control, because they contain potassium, which helps does. To relax our blood vessels. can deliver.