Rice is very beneficial for our health, if we use rice face pack, it will always keep the skin young. Because nowadays everyone wants beautiful skin.

But as you age. The effect of age starts showing on his face. As the wrinkles and shine on the face start reducing. There is no need to panic or be afraid when this happens.

There is a face pack that will neither be heavy on your pocket nor will you reduce the signs of aging. Along with antioxidants, vitamin E is also found in abundance in rice.

Which removes the blemishes and wrinkles on your face and tightens the skin. Let’s know about rice face packā€¦

Let us tell you that to make rice face pack, boil four spoons of rice to make rice face pack. Then separate it from the water. Then take one spoon of milk and one spoon of honey in it. Mix all these things.

Before applying this face pack, clean your face thoroughly. Then apply this face pack on the face. When the face pack dries, remove it from the face. Wash the face with the water you had separated while boiling the rice. Use this facial once a week. You will start seeing the difference in a few weeks.