You must have heard the name of milk tea, green tea, black tea but have you heard the name of flower tea, this tea is very beneficial for your health.

If you drink this tea then there will be many health benefits. Yes, we are talking about tea made from hibiscus flowers. Drinking hibiscus tea has many benefits. It removes many health related problems. Let us tell you about the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea.

Make tea like this: First of all wash its flowers with clean water. Then boil it in water. Put a small piece of cinnamon in it. Sieve it after some time. Drink a little honey and lemon juice mixed in it.

Here are the benefits of this tea
Drinking hibiscus tea does not cause heart diseases. Apart from this, the cholesterol level remains under control.

Are you suffering from obesity? Therefore, to control weight, you should consume hibiscus tea. The anti-oxidant properties present in it help in reducing weight.