onionOnion for health You will find onion (onion) in the kitchen of every home. Onion is used in all kinds of gravy vegetables and people also like to eat their salad. We use onions everyday. But do you know that onion is rich in medicinal properties. In some hot areas it is advised to eat onions to avoid looting.

But do you know that if vinegar is eaten with onions, then it is considered more beneficial for health. Onion salad with vinegar is often eaten with meals. Consuming onion salad with vinegar gives relief to the stomach and removes the problem of constipation. It is very easy to make it at home. Let us know how onion with vinegar is made at home and how the body benefits from its consumption.

How to make Onion Salad with Vinegar

To make onion salad with vinegar at home, first take small onions. Divide it into four pieces with a paddle. Be careful that the piece doesn’t fall apart or it will spread into the vinegar. Then mix half a bowl of white vinegar or 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and water in a glass jar. Then you can add green or red chilies. After doing this add salt as per taste, cover the jar with a lid and shake well. Then keep the jar at room temperature for 3 to 4 days. And keep stirring it from time to time. Keep it in the fridge after 4 days. When the onion turns red, it becomes edible.

benefits of eating onion with vinegar

Onion is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties. There are many benefits of eating it. Eating onion mixed with vinegar is more beneficial.

benefits of eating onion with vinegar

Eating onion with vinegar reduces the problem of hair fall.

Eating onions with vinegar makes the brain sharp.

People who are troubled by urinary tract infection can consume onion with vinegar.

Sperm count increases by consuming onion with vinegar.

Onion along with vinegar also proves to be very beneficial in the problem of irregular periods.

Onion with vinegar controls blood pressure and keeps the heart healthy.

Onion with vinegar is very beneficial for diabetics.

Onion with vinegar helps relieve stress and boosts the immune system.

Onion with vinegar keeps the lungs healthy.