As soon as the summer season starts, some special diet has to be included in the diet to maintain the body temperature. There are certain foods that can be included in the diet to help maintain the body temperature. Rytu is the best in terms of health and taste during the summer season. So know which raita is included in the diet to make the day and you feel healthy and light.

make a parent’s opinion


2 large cups spinach leaves
1/4 tsp black pepper powder
1/4 tsp sugar
1 pinch red
salt to taste
2-21/2 cups curd

how to make

First of all, wash the spinach leaves thoroughly and boil them in plain water. Then boil the spinach in plain boiling water. Remove it immediately after a while. Now beat the curd. Then mix the spinach leaves with green chili, black pepper powder, sugar and salt well. Mix everything well. You can serve it by sprinkling some chili powder on it.

Spinach and curd are a good source of vitamins and can help in relieving the heat. So make this special raita at home from today and enjoy.