With the onset of summer, many people have started using buttermilk and curd at home. At the same time, many measures have been started from onions. But have you ever tried curd and onion special raita? If not then here’s a new product just for you! So let’s know the special method of making this raita.


Curd – Pickled Onion


– a cup of fresh curd
– one cup onion
– salt to taste
– cilantro
– cumin powder
– salt to taste
– Chaat masala as per taste


First of all, beat the curd well. Now add finely chopped onion to it. Now add red chili, salt, chaat masala, cumin powder to it. When these things are mixed well, keep them in the freezer to cool for 20 minutes. When it cools down, you can serve it like a raita and enhance the taste of the dish. This is the best option in hot weather. It saves you from spoilage as well as enhances the taste of the dish.