Pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and stress levels are taking a toll on people’s hair. But how to take care of your mane in spite of so many challenges? world health day But, Celebrity Hair Designer Darshan Yewalekar Would like to remind everyone that the ideal of healthy, happy, gleaming hair can become a reality with a little care and proper diet.


He says, “I always advise my clients that looking your best and putting a lot of self-love on yourself is more important than trying to look like a superstar who has a crew to take care of them. Is. When you eat well, you feel good, and your hair and skin reflect your overall health.”


Here are some of her tips for improving hair health:

  • eat right for a healthy mane

Consult a dermatologist to find out the source of your thinning hair. Medical advice can help with nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases, anemia, and other issues. A well-balanced, vitamin-rich diet will help you fill nutritional deficiencies, and have healthy hair in no time. Take care of your health because whatever neglect you give to your body is reflected in your hair.


  • focus on grooming

Regular haircuts and split ends can lead to unwanted, ingrown hairs, so pay attention to your maintenance and schedule regular visits with your stylist. Breakage and hair fall are caused by neglected split ends. Use a wide-tooth comb, protect your hair from the sun with scarves, visors, caps or umbrellas, and wash away sweat and dirt after a long day with a mild shampoo free of parabens and chemicals. The shower should not be too hot, and the hair should be dried naturally and gently.

  • draw from conventional wisdom

Many celebrities follow tried-and-true hair care practices that have been passed down to them from their mothers and grandmothers. Weekly oil massages, neem or curry leaf hair masks, avocado, yogurt, banana, oil of choice, fenugreek seeds, honey, amla, soap, shikakai, or eggs are some examples. To find out which combination works best for your hair, make a hair mask once a week to restore shine and add bounce to your hair.

  • use the right products

Choose shampoos and conditioners that don’t strip your hair of its natural beauty based on the volume and structure of your hair. Consult your hairdresser about the best products to use when washing and conditioning hair, and use them sparingly. Excessive product use results in a build-up of residue, which slows down hair growth and reduces hair’s shine.

  • manage your stress

Another factor affecting hair growth is stress, so learn to manage it with meditation, exercise, and breathing exercises. If you are happy then your overall health will improve. Regular exercise has many benefits, including improved blood circulation, improved mood, increased energy and better sleep. All these ingredients contribute to the health of your hair.