Summer Kidney Stone Tips: The summer season brings with it many problems. At the same time, according to research, there is a significant increase in cases of kidney stones in summer. Kidney stones are the tubes that connect the kidneys and the bladder, and lower back and lower back can cause pain. at last summer kidney stone Why are there more and how to get rid of them? Today in this article we will give you information about it.

Why kidney stone cases increase in summer About 80% of kidney stones are mainly calcium based. Studies show that the human body produces more calcium in the urine in winter. Excess amount of calcium in urine increases the risk of kidney stones. High calcium levels are also called hypercalciuria.

Summer Kidney Stone Tips
Summer Kidney Stone Tips

When the summer season arrives, the rise in temperature and dehydration leads to the formation of stones that form during the winter months. In such a situation, when you do any physical activity, then this calcium ie stone suddenly shakes. Stones can range in size from a grain of salt to a golf ball. The smaller the stone, the more likely it is to remove it without major surgery.

Summer Kidney Stone Tips
Summer Kidney Stone Tips

kidney stone symptoms Pain in kidney stone occurs when a stone 2 to 3 mm wide gets stuck in it. This causes severe pain in the lower back or lower back. except

  • nausea and vomiting
  • blood in urine
  • fever and chills
  • frequent urination

How to prevent kidney stone?

  • Reduce salt and caffeine intake as it produces more calcium in the urine.
  • Drink plenty of water to detox your body and kidneys. Drink plenty of fluids like butter, lassi, juice and lemonade.
  • Eat more magnesium-rich foods like avocado, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, fish, bananas, almonds, strawberries etc.
  • If you keep your lifestyle right, then you will not only avoid kidney stones but also many diseases.