Loss of eyesight has become very common these days. At an early age, children get number glasses. The cases of myopia and hyperopia are increasing every day. Apart from this, eye diseases like glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy etc. can affect your way of seeing the world. A lot can be done to improve and improve vision.

what is the doctor’s opinion ,
There is no diet that can remove glasses or stop the numbers from increasing. The need to wear glasses, or also known as a refractive error, depends on the size of the eye. Apart from this, family history has an effect on the number of eyes. This means that if your parent has had glasses since childhood, chances are the child has glasses too.


refractive error It mostly occurs from childhood, so it is important to have a healthy diet for healthy eyes. Carrots and other colorful vegetables are good sources of vitamin A. It is good for both eyes and skin. Along with this, it is important to have good reading and screen habits in children and adults. Children should have 1 hour of screen time on school days and up to 2 hours on holidays. Adults should eat colorful and leafy vegetables for healthy eyes.
exercise for eyes

You can do exercises sitting at home to increase eyesight.
Hatha Yoga: Rub both your hands until they are warm. Now place your hands on your eyes. This will relax the nerves around the eyes and increase blood circulation.a