Health Tips: In summer, the use of freezer increases spontaneously. People keep fruits and vegetables in the fridge to keep their body and stomach cool. However, doing so can be harmful to your health. You might think that if you keep fruits and vegetables in the fridge they will stay fresh longer. But this is your misunderstanding. Some fruits can be poisonous if kept in the refrigerator. Avoid freezing apples, bananas, mangoes, litchis and watermelon. Know what are the disadvantages of keeping fruits in the fridge.

Mango : In summer, cold mangoes look very tasty to eat, but do you know that keeping mangoes in the fridge for a long time can harm you. Frozen mangoes deplete antioxidants and destroy nutrients. That’s why never keep mangoes in the fridge.

watermelon : Watermelon is such a big fruit that it is difficult to eat it all at once. In such a situation, people cut watermelon and watermelon in the fridge, which is wrong. It destroys antioxidants. You can keep them for half an hour before eating.

Apple: Apples are kept in the fridge in most homes. This prevents the apple from spoiling quickly but reduces the nutrients present in it. So don’t keep apples in the fridge. Wrap the apples in paper so that they do not spoil.


Lychee: Litchi spoils quickly if kept in the fridge. So the litchi starts melting inside. Cold and juicy litchis can be delicious in summer, but you should avoid freezing them. Freezing preserves the top of the lychee. But the litchi was bad from inside.

banana : Bananas should never be kept in the fridge. If you keep a banana in the fridge, it will spoil and turn black. Banana stalks release ethylene gas, so other fruits kept in the fridge ripen faster.