Mumbai: In summer, people like to drink cold drinks or cold drinks. When you feel unbearable in the scorching sun, you buy a bottle of cold water from the shop or drink some cold drink, which makes you feel very good. But many people use it to refill their bottles without throwing them away. People think that we should use these plastic bottles instead of buying them separately, so we keep them for home use.

In many homes, such cold drinks or water bottles are used for water. You must have used such a bottle in your home as well. But do you know how harmful it is to do so? And how much does this bottle hurt you?

When these bottles are used for a long time, they contain ingredients like fluoride and arsenic and are extremely harmful to the body. It is said that they act as slow poison in the body.


Therefore, after drinking cold drinks or water, its bottles should not be reused, thrown away or used for anything other than filling water.

Several reports have suggested that the water in a plastic bottle can affect your immune system. The chemicals produced by this have a profound effect on your body. Plastics also contain chemicals such as phthalates, which increase the risk of liver cancer.


Prolonged exposure to water in these bottles produces BPA i.e. biphenyl A. It is a type of chemical that causes obesity, diabetes etc. in your body.

In addition, when the water in these bottles is heated or exposed to sunlight, it produces toxic substances, which can lead to various types of cancer.