Mumbai: Eating dry fruits is considered good for health. Also, if you feel hungry, then you feel full even after eating this dry fruit. One of the dried fruits is pistachio. It would be better to eat a handful of pistachios than to eat an orb. Because it is rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants. In addition, pistachios are naturally cholesterol-free. Let’s know the benefits of eating pistachios

beneficial for eye health

Consuming pistachios prevents free radicals from getting damaged. It helps in protection from various eye diseases.

helps in reducing obesity

Pistachios are considered the best and healthiest option to fill the stomach without adding calories. Pistachios keep the stomach full. As a result, you automatically avoid eating other unhealthy foods. This helps in reducing obesity.


boosts immunity

Vitamin B6 present in pistachios helps in increasing hemoglobin. Shiv. It also increases the immunity of the body. That’s why doctors also recommend eating pistachios.

pistachios are good for the skin

Pistachios are great for maintaining the beauty of the face. Pistachio is no less than a natural medicine. Pistachios are extremely beneficial in preventing the signs of aging and removing wrinkles.

great for brain health

Eating pistachios is beneficial for maintaining the health of the brain. Pistachios are more nutritious than cashews and almonds. So it helps to increase memory. For this, experts advise children to eat pistachios.