joint pain nowadays (joint pain in youth) The problem is also being seen among the youth. bad eating habits (wrong eating) There may be a lack of a sitting job and physical activity. If the problem of joint pain is not treated in time, then it can become a big problem later. According to experts, ignoring this problem, at one time a serious problem like arthritis takes us in its grip. joints you feel pain during the pain of (Joint pain) Apart from this, there may be a feeling of sudden shaking and stiffness etc. On the other hand, according to Ayurveda, this happens due to the accumulation of toxins in the body. ,

It is said that due to the accumulation of toxins in the body for a long time, there is pain in the joints. However, by adopting some Ayurvedic tips, the problem of joint pain can be reduced or eliminated to a great extent. We are going to tell you about these Ayurvedic tips.

reduce salt intake

Salt may double the taste of food, but consuming it in excess can not only cause joint pain but can also cause many other problems in the body. Many people have a habit that they eat vegetables or salads by adding salt on top. Such people like to eat more salt. There are also some people who like to consume sour things in excess. These methods cause joint pain. Ayurveda is what even allopathic doctors recommend to eat less salt.

bad lifestyle

According to Ayurveda, if the lifestyle is bad then it can lead to joint pain. If the diet and eating habits are not right, then many other problems start occurring in the body. According to Ayurveda, stale food should not be eaten at all. Many people have a habit of eating dinner during the day, due to which they suffer a lot. On the other hand, if we talk about Vihar, then it includes bad habits like getting up late and then sleeping for hours. Immediately change habits that affect both your diet and lifestyle.

eat healthy fats

Apart from avoiding eating outside things, eat such things which contain healthy fat. It includes ghee, sesame oil and olive oil. Eat things made from them in limited quantities. Healthy fats can make joints strong again. If you want, you can also do foot massage. Massage is said to be very effective in Ayurveda. Apart from sesame oil, you can also use castor oil for this. Massaging improves our blood circulation. You will easily find these oils in the kitchen and you can get relief from the massage done with them.