Mumbai: Due to the current lifestyle, many people are struggling with the problem of acidity. It is not a disease, but acidity invites many more diseases. Common symptoms of acidity are bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, malaise and nausea. If acidity is not treated in time, it can become serious.

Basically, you can easily overcome this problem by making simple changes in your lifestyle and diet. Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparing for arbitration.

keep a distance between eating and sleeping

There should be enough space between dinner and bedtime to avoid acidity. For this, you should eat at least 2 to 3 hours before sleeping at night. It is also necessary to take a short walk after having a meal. Often people fall straight on the bed after having a meal. This can make you feel uncomfortable in the morning and can also increase the problem of heartburn.


get enough sleep

Good sleep at night also plays an important role in preventing problems like gas, constipation etc. According to a report, when we sleep, our body parts work to clean us of toxins. So when you wake up in the morning you feel refreshed. Therefore, adequate sleep not only removes the problem of acidity but also relieves from fatigue and stress.

be stress free

Relationship between acidity and stress? yea al that sounds so crap to me it seems bt isn’t even for me. But stress not only increases your weight but also causes acidity problems. If you want to stay away from acidity, then do not take stress. According to a study, acidity is closely related to stress. Constant stress causes acidity. This can cause many problems related to the stomach.

eat on time

Eat on time to avoid acidity problem. Avoid eating late. This is because when you eat late or are hungry for a long time, gastric juice and stomach irritation can occur. After that if you eat food immediately then the digestion of food may get disrupted. In such a situation, it is necessary to eat on time to avoid acidity.