Lip skin care tips: To maintain the beauty of the face, girls use different products. But if you do not pay much attention to the care of the lips, then the lips start turning black. In addition, they become dry and lifeless , by this lip pain and There may be pain. In such a situation, you can adopt some basic tips in your skin care to avoid this. let’s find out

lip balm Women often buy lip color and lip balm according to their budget. But this is where the problem of lip tan begins. In such a situation, buy lip balm above SPF 30 to protect the lips from damage. Low quality and low SPF lip balm works to darken and darken the lips.

lip skin care tips
lip skin care tips

Remove dead skin with sugar and honey Along with the lips, dead skin also accumulates on the face. This makes the lips dry and dark. To avoid this, mix 1-1 teaspoon sugar and honey and scrub the lips for 5 minutes. Then wash it off with water and apply coconut oil on the lips. With this, the dead skin accumulated on your lips will be cleaned and the lips will start looking clean, soft and pink.

It is important to keep the skin hydrated According to experts, the skin of the lips is very soft and delicate. Lack of hydration makes the skin look dull and lifeless. Along with this there is also a possibility of the lips becoming cracked and black. To avoid this, drink plenty of water daily. You can also drink coconut water and fruit juice. Also, apply coconut oil on the navel and lips before sleeping at night.

Make lip balm with lemon, potato and beetroot You can make and use natural lip balm at home. This will nourish your lips deeply. In this way their dryness and blackness will go away and their lips will start looking soft and pink. For this, mix 1-1 spoon potato and beet juice in a bowl. Now mix a few drops of lemon juice in it and apply it while massaging the lips. Leave it on overnight. Wash off with water the next morning. You can take this remedy 1-2 times a week.