Olive Oil Baby Massage: According to experts, massaging children with oil helps in their development in a better way. But often when it comes to baby massage, parents are left wondering which oil will be beneficial for them. In this case, you can use olive oil. Nutrients and Antioxidants Rich in properties, olive oil will help keep your baby’s skin soft, supple and nourished. let’s know baby with olive oil Benefits of massaging

beneficial in all seasons Parents are often worried about which oil will be beneficial for their baby in summers. However, most of the oils are confined to the summer and winter seasons. In such a situation, using them in bad weather can harm the skin and health of the child. But olive oil is considered beneficial for any season. In such a situation, you can massage the baby with olive oil in summer without any problem. Just avoid consuming it in excess.

moisturize the skin Do: Baby’s skin is soft and delicate. In such a situation, you can use olive oil to massage their body. Rich in moisturizing properties, olive oil will help to gently nourish your baby’s skin. It contains squalene which is a hydrating agent. It also helps in keeping the baby’s skin soft.

olive oil baby massage
olive oil baby massage

Cradle cap help Cradle cap: The skin on the baby’s scalp becomes dry and flaky. In such a situation, you can use olive oil to cure this problem of the child. This helps loosen the cradle cap crust. To do this, apply warm olive oil while massaging the baby’s head. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash the child’s hair with a mild shampoo. Then remove the flakes with the help of a comb.

get rid of diaper rash Wearing diapers for hours often leads to the problem of diaper rash in the baby. In such a situation, applying olive oil to the child is considered beneficial. For this, warm the olive oil lightly and massage the child’s rashes with light hands. This will remove diaper rash as well as there will be no problem of rashes on the body.

helps to sleep well It is very important for the child to get good and complete sleep. This leads to their physical and mental development. To do this, while massaging the body of the baby, you must also massage his soles.

beneficial for hair Olive oil rich in Vitamin E helps in the growth of the baby’s hair. Massaging the baby’s head with this makes the hair beautiful, thick, strong and soft. You can massage your baby’s scalp with olive oil an hour before bathing.

keep these things in mind

  • If the child has any kind of allergy, then applying olive oil can increase his problem. Avoid massaging the baby with this.
  • If your baby starts getting rashes after massaging, stop using it immediately.
  • Before buying Tej, make sure to check its purity. Otherwise the child may be allergic to it.