Senda salt health benefits: The holy festival of Naratas is starting from April 2 this year. 9 forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped and fasted to get the blessings of Mata Rani. During this, some people eat salt along with fruits. but do you know that rock salt Healthier than usual. let’s tell you Some such miraculous benefits of eating rock salt Knowing whom you will not only fast but also start consuming it daily.

Why do we use baking salt It is considered to be the purest form of salt. There is no need to go through a chemical process to make it. Instead, common salt undergoes a number of chemical processes to reduce its essential nutrients. In such a situation, salt is pure and full of nutrients and by its consumption all the necessary elements are easily available in the body. Let us know the benefits of sandalwood salt.

Senda Salt Health Benefits
Senda Salt Health Benefits

repair the digestive system Digestion process is accelerated by its consumption. It prevents abdominal pain, heartburn, constipation, acidity, bloating and indigestion. The minerals present in it speed up the digestion process. It helps in flushing out the toxins present in the intestine. Before sleeping, mixing 1-2 pinch of salt and half a lemon in lukewarm water is beneficial.

Nausea and vomiting relief In case of vomiting and nausea, eating lemon juice mixed with a little salt is beneficial.

for the eyes Beneficial: Rock salt is rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, antioxidant properties. Its consumption helps in increasing eyesight.

keep blood pressure under control It is rich in calcium and potassium. Consumption of rock salt helps in controlling blood pressure. In such a situation, patients of high blood pressure must consume it.

relieve fatigue and weakness People who get tired quickly should use salt in their daily diet. By eating it, the body gets relief. Fatigue, weakness goes away and you feel energetic throughout the day.

stress Prevention: Rock salt helps in maintaining the balance of serotonin and melatonin hormones in the body. In such a situation, its consumption keeps stress away.

immunity Boosts: Sandalwood contains vitamin K as well as other minerals that help in boosting immunity. Vitamins also strengthen bones.

muscle spasm relief Rock salt is the pure form of sodium chloride, which is rich in potassium. These minerals help in dealing with electrolyte imbalance in the body and provide relief from muscle cramps. Mixing a pinch of salt in lukewarm water and drinking it provides relief in the pain of the affected area.

Weight Reduction: Sandalwood helps in removing fat cells from the body. At the same time, eating it also keeps the craving for food under control. This helps in reducing weight.