Eating curd during periods: Along with heavy bleeding during periods, there are problems like cramps, bloating, body aches and mood swings. In such a situation, experts advise women to eat the right food. Some myths suggest that you should avoid eating sour during this time because it severe cramping or heavy bleeding It is possible . But there is no truth in this. There is a general belief that women during periods Curd should be avoided. You must have heard many times from your mother that you should not eat curd as it can increase your bleeding flow. But is there any truth in this? Let us tell you what the experts think about it.

can i eat curd during periods Avoiding sour foods or curd during periods is an age-old myth, which is just a myth. It doesn’t add to your problems in any way. In fact, yogurt is believed to help promote healthy gut bacteria. Plus, it reduces the chances of bloating or constipation, which most women experience during their periods.

eating curd during periods
eating curd during periods

What is the opinion of experts Experts say that as a good source of calcium, curd helps in giving the bones and body the strength it needs. In addition, the probiotic properties of yogurt reduce bloating and other digestive problems. In addition, consumption of curd during periods reduces anxiety and depression. It also relieves muscle pain and cramps.

how to eat curd during periods Although you can eat curd during periods in any way, but the best way is buttermilk, smoothie or lassi. Actually, it keeps the body hydrated and provides plenty of nutrients to the body. If you want, you can also add nuts or fruits to the curd.

eating curd during periods
eating curd during periods

Why curd should not be eaten at night or in the evening ,

  • Experts say that this superfood can be consumed at any time of the day but in some situations, yogurt should be avoided at night or evening.
  • People who have cold or asthma should not consume curd at night.
  • Avoid eating curd while taking Ayurvedic treatment or medicine as it can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

Avoid these things during periods

  • Stay away from spicy food.
  • Avoid highly salty foods.
  • Avoid coffee.
  • Consumption of processed and fatty foods should be limited.
  • Be careful not to consume alcohol.