Cancer 5 Myths: Today World Health Day is being celebrated all over the world. This day is celebrated to raise awareness among people about the importance of health. It is celebrated every year on 7 April. However, in the last two years, the importance of health has become well known. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that health is paramount. Now everyone is aware of their diet and lifestyle.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) has been spreading health awareness since 1950. It seeks to ensure that people in all regions of the world enjoy good health regardless of their age, race, religion or socio-economic status.

India is witnessing a paradigm shift in advanced healthcare delivery. New technologies are slowly emerging on how to diagnose diseases or care for patients. However, when it comes to diseases like cancer, there is a delay in diagnosis and treatment due to ignorance, social stereotypes and associated myths at the cost of the patient and his/her family.

Senior Oncologist Dr. Sandeep Nemani says, “Despite advances in medicine, many people take cancer as a death sentence. Cancer patients often face negativity in their lives due to which they become frustrated and eventually break up. ,

It is important to have information related to this disease. Here are some myths related to cancer and their truth: Dr. Nemani:

1. Myth: There is no cure for cancer.

Fact: Most cancers are now curable if detected early.

2. Myth: Cancer screening and treatment is very expensive.

Fact: Many cancers can be diagnosed with simple diagnostic tests and basic tests. Many government and non-government organizations are ready to help the needy patients.

3. Myth: Bone marrow transplant (BMT) is an experimental therapy.

Fact: BMT is a very effective and therapeutic treatment for blood cancer, which is not curable with drugs and chemotherapy. This type of therapy is also a boon for many blood related diseases (without cancer).

4. Myth: Coming in contact with a cancer patient can spread the disease.

Fact: Cancer is not an infection and cannot be spread by contact.

Myth: Blood cancer is one of the most serious types of cancer and can never be treated.