Mumbai: While preparing food, the proportion of every food does not seem to be the same, otherwise the taste of the food gets spoiled. But salt is the most important ingredient in cooking. Because salt enhances the taste of your food. But if you miss the quantity of this salt then it spoils the taste of the whole food. Also, excess salt is not only bad for taste but also for health, so doctors always advise you to eat less salt.

Many times it must have happened to you that due to unpredictability in food, the math of salt went wrong. If the salt is reduced, then it can be added again to the food. But what if there is too much salt? This is a question that many people ask. So what do we do for you today? We’re going to say this.

use potatoes

Cut a raw potato and add it to your meal or dish, this will help the potato pieces absorb the salt from your vegetables. Make sure the potatoes stay in your vegetable or dinnerware for about 20 minutes and don’t forget to wash and peel them.


You can also use boiled potatoes, you can add boiled potatoes to your vegetables. This will change your dish, but will also reduce the amount of salt in the food.

use dough balls

You can also use flour to reduce the salinity in your vegetables. Make small balls of the dough and keep them in proportion. These small balls will absorb more salt than your food, take out these balls after a while.


You can also use cream, milk and curd

The use of cream reduces the amount of salt in food. If you want cream or its sweet taste in food, then you can use cream in food. This also reduces the amount of salt.

You can also reduce its salinity by adding curd, cooking vegetables by adding a spoonful of curd, this will enhance the taste and also reduce the amount of added salt. You can also use milk if you want.

Onion is also a good option

You can also add raw or fried onions to reduce salt in the food. Cut the raw onion into two pieces and add to the vegetables. Take it out after a few minutes and if you are adding fried onions then keep in mind that it can change the taste of your food.

Vinegar and sugar are also effective

You can also reduce the amount of salt in your food by using vinegar and sugar. It balances the salt content in your food by giving it sweet and sour taste and by changing the taste of the food.