Mumbai: Hand tremors can happen at any age. This problem usually increases in old age. This problem can happen at any age due to many reasons. Parkinson’s disease can also cause tremors. The problem of shaking hands at a young age should never be ignored.

Hand tremors are more likely to occur in old age, but can occur at a young age. Some exercises are known to be beneficial for handshake problems. Let’s find out which ones are.

ball press exercise

You can practice ball presses to strengthen your wrists and fingers. Practicing this regularly will strengthen your hands and help in handshake. For this, first take a ball and keep pressing it with your fingers for some time.


hand grip exercise

Hand grip exercise is very useful for trembling hands. Strengthening the grip helps you a lot in this problem. For this, you can practice the exercise with the help of hand grip. First of all, take a hand grip and hold it in your hand and press it for two to three seconds and keep doing this process for some time.

mindfulness meditation

You can take the help of mindfulness meditation for the problem of shaking hands. Mindfulness meditation is considered very beneficial in this problem. This type of meditation focuses on the breath. In this meditation, as you breathe in, you have to pay attention to your breath. At this time, different types of thoughts will not come in your mind. Practicing this meditation is beneficial in reducing your stress, anxiety and depression. Therefore, it is beneficial in the problem of shaking hands.