The right routine and diet to stay healthy (Diet Plan Tips) Special care has to be taken. But due to the busy schedule, many times people get used to eating till late at night. Maybe it’s their compulsion, but it’s a bed, bad lifestyle is counted in. If seen, late dinner nowadays (late night dinner) Doing has become a fashion. Many times it is a compulsion to have dinner late, but its habit can prove to be harmful for the body. According to experts, diseases take us in their grip due to not eating food at the right time. Due to such routine, people are most affected by obesity. If obesity increases, then diabetes, arthritis, high BP and other serious problems start happening together.

If having late dinner is your compulsion, then you should be health conscious. There are some such health tips, following which problems can be avoided to a great extent. We are going to tell you about these tips.

eat slowly

Some people start consuming it early while eating dinner due to coming late in the night. Eating fast food can do more harm than good. People fall asleep after having a meal in five minutes or less. It is said that food should be eaten at any time, it should be eaten slowly and only after chewing. Metabolism also increases by sitting comfortably and eating food and stomach problems also do not affect us. If you also have a habit of eating fast food at night, then start changing it from today itself.

don’t eat heavy meals

If you have a compulsion that you have to have late dinner at night, then do not eat heavy food even by mistake. Sometimes it becomes necessary to take heavy food in marriage or party, but sometimes they also cause immediate harm to the body. Sometimes late heavy food can be taken at home also, but the habit of eating heavy food till late night can take a toll on health. You can eat light food like khichdi, two thin rotis with vegetables. Keep in mind that during this time salad must be a part of your plate.

don’t lie down

Some people have a habit of eating till late at night, as well as they start making the mistake of sleeping as soon as they eat. This habit is no less than a big mistake. In such a situation, you may have serious diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood sugar. Stomach related problems like indigestion, acidity and gas often trouble people. Instead, take a short walk after having a meal.