for face care Home Remedies (Home Remedies for Skin Care) are also considered effective. Their specialty is that if the way of adopting them is right, then best results can be obtained from them, as well as no side effects are seen soon. While adopting home remedies, people use many things present in the kitchen, one of which is asafoetida. (hing benefits) is also. Asafoetida used as a spice can double the taste of food. Stomach problems like gas, acidity due to consuming the right amount (acidity) And the discomfort goes away. Well do you know that asafoetida skin care Also used in. Very few people know this thing, but let us tell you that it is also considered effective in skin care.

You can take care of the skin in different ways by adding honey to asafetida. The specialty of honey is that it hydrates the skin from inside and also makes it soft. We will tell you about the skin care benefits of asafoetida and honey. It will also explain how to use them.

dead cells

In summer, dead cells accumulate on the skin due to dirt and sweat. Due to these, the skin starts looking lifeless at once. You can use asafoetida as a scrub to remove dead cells. For this, take two spoons of honey in a bowl and mix a pinch of asafetida in it. Scrub the face after mixing it well. You can follow this recipe twice a week.


The specialty of asafetida and honey is that they are rich in anti-bacterial properties. By making a cleanser of asafetida and honey, you can eliminate the bacteria present on the face. Actually, the dirt present in the air also contains bacteria, which cause pimples and acne after sitting on the skin. To get relief from pimples and acne, it is necessary to clean the face and for this you can use honey and asafetida as a cleanser. For this, grind asafetida in honey and mix two spoons of aloe vera gel in it. Wash the face after massaging this paste on the face for some time.

anti aging

Nowadays people are facing the problem of premature aging like wrinkles and freckles on the face. To remove them, the help of asafetida and honey can be taken. According to experts, both asafoetida and honey are rich in anti-aging properties. For this, you will have to make a face pack of asafoetida and honey, in which multani mitti and rose water will also be needed. Take a vessel and mix a pinch of asafetida with two spoons of honey. Mix two to three spoons of multani mitti and three spoons of rose water in it. Allow this paste to dry on the face and then wash the face with cold water.