Food lovers are always on the lookout for foods that are not only tasty but also healthy. But this happens very rarely. Those that are delicious are not healthy and those that are healthy do not taste as good.

But there is one such thing which is also delicious to eat and is also very beneficial for health. Provided you take care of what time you are eating it. Yes, we are talking about cheese. Some people believe that excess cheese increases fat. But this is completely wrong. If you eat it at the right time then it can be very beneficial.
right time to eat paneer

Paneer should never be eaten before or after exercise because your body does not need that much fat.

If you eat paneer after exercising, then the fat present in it slows down your digestive system very slowly, paneer can be eaten an hour before sleeping at night.

Our muscles and height increase while sleeping, for which our body needs protein. In such a situation, eating paneer is a very good option.
If you want, you can eat it even during the day, but it should be avoided in large quantities.

If you eat paneer in a balanced way, then you will not be fat but quite fit.