fashion the stole ( stole ) never leaves. Woolen stoles are helpful in protecting you from the effects of cold in winter, so cotton stole in summers. cotton stoles Protects you from the UV rays of the sun. Most of the girls leave the house by covering their face with stole in summer. But these stole can make your look more stylish and classy in summer. You can use these stole from college, office to family function ( family function) ) can do. Here’s how to style the stole.

for office look

You can pair the stole with jeans-top, shirt-pants or shirt-jeans for a casual look. Apart from this, you can also style the stole with jeans and kurti. But you have to keep in mind that the stole should be in the combination of your clothes. Also, keep in mind that more attractive colors do not look good in the office, so avoid stole with bright and heavy work.

floral print stall

If you have good quality floral print stole then you can carry it with plain salwar suit. It will look very beautiful with white or black colored plain suit. Apart from this, you can also carry it with plain kurti and leggings. Pairing a floral print stole with jeans or a long skirt will also look beautiful.

stole for the party

If you are preparing to go to a party, then first of all you have to decide what color dress you are wearing. Add style by wearing a simple top with a printed stole. If your dress is of black color then you can pair it with polka dot stole.

steal with saree

You will be surprised to hear this but it is true that the stole gives a very stylish look even with a saree. If you are wearing a long jacket with a sari, then you can tie the stole around the neck. Apart from this, you can also carry the stole by placing it in the opposite direction of the pallu of the saree. You just have to make sure that the stole matches with the saree.