If the world is at greatest risk of any disease then it is not of any other disease, it is diabetes because it is spreading very fast among people and once it is there, it is not easily removed, like this In people who have been suffering from diabetes for many years, they develop blindness. , Heart disease and kidney disease occur.

Diabetes patients have to be very careful in their diet, we all know that diabetes does not happen suddenly. The body gives few signals for a long time, during diabetes , you feel very thirsty , Tiredness it occurs , frequent bowel movements , sudden weight loss , You may experience extreme hunger and tingling in your legs or arms.


If you experience such symptoms So you should seek medical help immediately because you do not need medication to maintain your blood sugar level if you experience pre-diabetic symptoms.

Never do these mistakes if you have pre-diabetes

Eliminate sugary foods from your diet. instead of this you fruit with molasses or honey Can take natural sugars.


So you can do yoga as yoga is a better option for better functioning of pancreas.

Getting good sleep is also very important. In addition to strengthening the immune system , Good sleep reduces physical and mental stress and also regulates hormones.

Eating and drinking at the right time plays an important role in keeping your health fit.