Food for summer: Summer has started and the temperature rises day by day He is going. In such a situation, everyone needs to take special care of health. (summer health care) , gruesome Heat It causes dehydration and can lead to many physical problems. That’s why experts recommend drinking more water in summers. In addition the body from summer dehydration save water Summer Foods with It is also important to consume So let’s find out what to eat and what not to eat in summer.


lemonade: Consuming lemon water in summer can protect you from the sun. It also helps you to stay fresh from inside. Lemon water also helps in weight loss.


coconut water: Coconut water should be consumed in summer. Coconut water has many benefits for the body in summer. Coconut water is said to be a storehouse of nutrients. Dehydration can be overcome by drinking coconut water in summer. Drinking coconut water reduces body heat and stomach acid levels.


Curd: Curd is the best to cool down the body in summers. Regular consumption of curd strengthens immunity. Yogurt contains good bacteria that strengthen the immune system. Yogurt helps in digestion of food. You can also drink buttermilk.

Greens: Health experts recommend including green vegetables in the diet as much as possible in summer. Greens are rich in many nutrients. It protects against seasonal diseases. Watermelons, melons, strawberries and peaches are available in the market in summer. By eating these fruits, your body heat will be reduced. Eating cucumber in vegetables also reduces body heat.

Orange: Consumption of oranges in summer is considered very beneficial for the body. Consumption of orange gives relief from heat and keeps the body cool from inside. The session contains 88% water, vitamin-C, calcium and fiber. It protects against seasonal diseases.