vitamin D: All types of vitamins are needed to keep the body healthy. But, due to our lifestyle and bad habits, the deficiency of this vitamin is often seen. At the same time, there are many people who take more vitamins than necessary without consulting a doctor. Vitamins are also necessary to keep the body healthy. Deficiency of vitamins in the body can cause many diseases. At the same time, vitamin-D deficiency is a serious health condition. which is often overlooked. This is because due to lack of vitamin-D, bones become weak and the body becomes hollow. Also, the problem of baldness in men can also be due to vitamin D deficiency.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency:

  • Baldness can occur in men or women.
  • Weakness and fatigue may occur.
  • Vitamin D takes time to heal wounds.
  • Bones begin to shrink and become brittle.
  • There may be muscle pain.
  • The person may have a problem of depression.

Young children are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency. In addition, the risk of deficiency is higher in the elderly.

Foods rich in Vitamin D:


The best sources of vitamin D are morning and evening sunlight. But, apart from this, you can also consume these foods rich in Vitamin D. Like orange, cow’s milk, mushroom, cod liver oil, mayonnaise, salmon fish etc.