Health Tips: Women’s body undergoes many changes between the ages of 30 to 40. By the age of 40, the muscles of the body start shrinking. Hormones become unbalanced, causing mild irritability and weight gain.

At the same time, at the age of 40, the woman’s body starts becoming a home of diseases. As a result, blood pressure is linked to problems such as thyroid, diabetes, obesity and mood swings. Therefore, it is very important for women to stay healthy and fit and in such a situation it becomes even more important to take care of their food and drink.

Along with eating well, getting a good night’s sleep and living a stress-free life is very effective. You also start staying healthy. We are going to tell you what are the things that women in their 30s and 40s should eat.

Walnut Walnuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Eating walnuts also quenches your appetite. Also you do not gain weight. It also protects you from many serious diseases. Walnuts and almonds are very good for your heart and also keep heart-related diseases away. Peanuts help in reducing weight. You can consume all these things. This will keep you healthy.

Garlic-Garlic is beneficial for all ages, but it is even more beneficial for women in their 30s and 40s as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can heal your weak bones. ,

green leafy vegetables Everyone should eat green leafy vegetables, but women in their 30s and 40s need it more. You must include green leafy vegetables in your daily diet because it contains nutrients like iron, zinc, newton, late, calcium, vitamins, which also increase the blood of your body. In addition, it also enhances the memory. It keeps your eyes sharp and your bones healthy too.

Eggs: Women must eat eggs because they contain vitamin D. Eggs are also a good source of fat and protein. Therefore, you must include one or two eggs in your daily diet. This will keep you healthy.

broccoliBroccoli is good for people of all ages. It should also be consumed. The antioxidants and nutrients present in broccoli protect you from cancer. It also contains vitamin B6, vitamin A and fiber. Broccoli is also used for weight loss. It also reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

sour Fruits – Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, which is important for your health and should be consumed. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C. It also contains antioxidants.