Amazing benefits of jaggery: Pollution is a different problem in big cities like Delhi, chilling with cold in the northern areas including the capital of India. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of health. Today we will give you some information about the medicinal properties of jaggery in such a season. Most sweet eaters prefer jaggery over sugar as it has many health benefits.

to be found in molasses containing proteins, Carbohydrate , Iron , Vitamin B calcium and phosphorus Act as a good medicine for the human body. Jaggery reduces the effect of pollution on our body manifold. Diabetics use jaggery only for the sweet taste. It strengthens the bones. If you work in a factory or factory where pollution level is too high So You must use jaggery daily.

Daily eating 100 grams of jaggery Dangerous diseases caused by pollution can be avoided. Constipation, acidity and sour belching stomach problems like Eating jaggery is beneficial. stomach problems having But eating a small piece of jaggery with black salt is beneficial.

It helps in proper digestion and does not cause constipation , Ginger can be used with jaggery when it cools down. It can also be eaten with thyme. The effect of cold is over. Jaggery decoction has been popular in India for centuries.