health : Raw mango season is in summer. There are many people who like raw mango very much but why is it not so sweet and sour. Most people consume raw mango with great fervor, but let us tell you that apart from the taste, raw mango keeps many diseases away. Raw mango is very beneficial for health.

In fact, raw mangoes contain many nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, etc. which are essential for good health. It not only promotes good health but also cures all stomach ailments. Not only this, mango, the king of fruits, is considered to be the best in terms of taste as well as nutrients. In such a situation, you must definitely consume raw mangoes. So let’s know how to eat raw mango and what are the benefits of eating it.

benefits of eating raw mango

1- Protects from heatstroke – There are some elements in raw mango which are beneficial for protection from heatstroke. Not only this, the consumption of raw mango is also considered good for the supply of water in the body. In such a situation, especially in summer, you must consume raw mangoes.


2- Lowers sugar level – This can be beneficial for a person suffering from diabetes. Actually, there are some substances in raw mangoes that help in reducing the sugar level in the body. Not only this, it is rich in iron, which helps in completing the supply of iron in any body. In such a situation, diabetics should consume raw mangoes.

3- Removes acidity- During the summer season, one often feels like eating something spicy, but by eating such food, gas starts forming in the stomach. In such a situation, to get rid of acidity, consume black salt with raw mango, so that you will eat spicy and will not harm your health. Not only this, it is also very useful in weight loss. It also helps in weight loss.

4- Increases immunity – There are many such elements in raw mango which increase the immunity of the body and make the body strong. In such a situation, to keep the body healthy in summer, you must consume raw mangoes.

5- From other problems Relief- Eating raw mango provides relief from many problems. If you are also troubled by these things, then you must eat raw mangoes.


With whom should we eat raw mango?
Eat raw mango with black salt.

how much to eat
Although a healthy person should consume 100 to 150 grams of raw mango in a day, but people who are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure etc. should eat only 10 grams.