Health Tips: To keep the body healthy and away from diseases for a long time, it is necessary to serve it like a machine from time to time. Our body has the ability to heal itself in organs such as the brain, bones, arteries and liver, but you also need to cleanse the entire body. You can keep your body fit by taking care of food and some special things. Learn how to clean your liver, lungs and arteries.

Lever If you want to keep your liver healthy and strong, take supplements rich in folic acid and vitamin B complex. Include things like cheese, eggs, milk in the diet.

arteries Cleaning of the arteries is necessary to make the heart strong. If your body is healthy then the arteries will be bigger. For this you should do regular exercise like running, jumping, swimming, cycling.

bones – bones To prevent the loss of calcium, you should eat foods rich in calcium. When one bone breaks, new cells form in the rest. For this, eat green vegetables. Bones remain by eating green vegetables. Include broccoli and spinach in your diet.


Brain Brain has the ability to heal itself but still you should keep doing brain related exercises. Also, eat almonds to strengthen the mind.
Lungs – The lungs clear up on their own. Vitamin A and retinoic acid are essential for cleaning the lungs. Be sure to include carrots, mangoes and sweet potatoes in your diet and keep exercising.