Skin Care Tips: You can get rid of cough and cold by using jaggery instead of sugar. Along with this, your immunity also gets stronger. Everyone knows that jaggery is very beneficial for our health, but do you know that jaggery also works to whiten our skin. Yes , Here we will tell you some beauty tips of jaggery that Will make your skin glowing. Let’s know how.

high quality jaggery -Jaggery in Vitamin A and Vitamin B , Iron , calcium , Phosphorus , potassium , zinc , Contains magnesium. Jaggery contains several essential vitamins that act as natural cleansers for the skin. Whereas jaggery works to keep the body clean from inside. Drinking jaggery mixed with lukewarm water or tea instead of sugar maintains health and beauty. Is.

benefits to the skin

Stain , to make this pack One tablespoon molasses powder one tablespoon tomato juice , one tablespoon lemon juice , a pinch of turmeric Mix. Apply it on your face and 15 Minute For leave , Then wash your face with clean water , by this Your Facial blemishes are removed and your complexion also glows. you this pack week 3 day can be used.


for wrinkles , One teaspoon of ground jaggery in one teaspoon of black tea , a spoonful of grapefruit juice , One teaspoon turmeric and rose water 20 in total Minute faces for hang on , Then wash the face with clean water.

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