Disadvantages of Air Conditioning: As the heat is increasing, it is becoming difficult for people to step out of the house. Some people stay in AC throughout the day to avoid the heat. Staying in AC reduces the feeling of heat. At the same time, some people are looking for different ways to avoid the heat. Some people install coolers in their homes to get relief from the heat, while some people use ACs to get relief from the heat. Coolers add more moisture in the summer. That’s what most people bring.

As soon as you switch to the AC, the sweat dries up instantly and you get relief from the heat. But do you know that staying in AC for a long time can be harmful for your health. When you sit in the AC for a long time and then suddenly come out of the AC, then the heat is felt more. This can lead to health problems later on. If you stay in AC for a long time, then know what problems you may have to face?

1. Skin becomes dry: When you sleep in AC for a long time, it slowly absorbs the moisture of your skin which makes your skin dry. In such a situation, if you want glow on the skin, then do not sleep in AC for a long time. This will make your skin dry and lifeless.

2. Health can be bad: When you sleep in AC for a long time, you do not feel the heat and also feel very cold, but it increases the problem of cold, flu. Due to this you can have problems of cold, heat and cold. In such a situation, be careful in turning on the AC for some time and avoid getting sick.

3. Increases body pain: By sleeping in AC for a long time, the pain of the body is gradually relieved. Sleeping in AC overnight increases the risk of back pain, back pain, headache and other problems. Avoid body ache and stay in AC for some time.