Relationship Tips: There is always some problem in every relationship. Some couples resolve all issues through mutual understanding and communication, and loving relationships last a lifetime. At the same time, there are some people whose relationship does not last long.

It is not that women are always to be blamed in these cases. Somewhere some bad habits of men are also responsible. Let’s take a look at the habits of men that lead to breakups.

Lying about everything: If you lie again and again, it will build trust in your relationship and your partner will doubt you all the time. So change your lying habit as soon as possible.

Think about yourself. Girls don’t like guys who only think about themselves. Every girl wants her partner to take care of her and think about her first.

Dirty Guys: If you often wear dirty jeans or dirty shoes or socks, your lifestyle is very bad then girls do not like these habits at all. Girls like clean boys.

Flirting: Some boys have a habit of flirting with every girl. Girls immediately recognize such boys and start avoiding them. Girls don’t take flirting seriously. If you too have such a habit, then leave it immediately.