Mumbai: High blood pressure is a common problem after the age of 40. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then regular exercise is very beneficial for you. But did you know that your blood pressure can increase after exercising? This is because when you exercise, your muscles contract so that the heart can pump blood.

According to experts, systolic blood pressure increases during exercise. But it doesn’t last long. After some time your blood pressure starts decreasing. This means that your blood pressure increases for some time but soon it returns to normal. Therefore, exercise is beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

When does blood pressure return to normal after exercise?

In fact, your blood pressure rises even after just two hours of exercise. If you want to know the difference in blood pressure, check your blood pressure before exercising and check your blood pressure again two hours after exercising. If you check your blood pressure during exercise, it will rise during this time.

Some exercises for high blood pressure patients

  • Patients with high blood pressure should talk to the doctor. People with high blood pressure should exercise, such as running or cycling.
  • If you can’t exercise at full intensity, take it easy by making small changes. If you begin to feel dizzy or nauseous after intense exercise, you can try other exercises instead.
  • If you want to do the most general exercise, you can try walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.