New Delhi: Tea Drinking tea while drinking- Most people eat biscuits, but most do not know what to eat with tea. In fact, the worst combination that can be made with tea can ruin your health. Come, let’s see what things should not be consumed with tea,

tea with water
Do not drink, do not drink water with tea. Many people drink water while drinking tea, so that their health gets worse. If you are also one of those people, then be careful now, because by doing so you can have acidity problem.

anytime with tea
Do not use lemon and lemon juice is not good with tea. If you are also drinking lemonade with tea, then change this habit today. It is not good to drink lemon juice with tea. It also has negative effects on health.


Do not use turmeric products
Apart from this, substances containing turmeric should not be consumed with tea, because turmeric reacts with tea, which can have a bad effect on our body.


Do not eat green vegetables and dry fruits with tea
Green vegetables and dry fruits should not be consumed with tea. Actually, the chemical reactivity of tea with the iron found in dry fruits has a bad effect on our body.