Remedies for acidity: Changing lifestyle, eating habits are changing rapidly. Many people are busy with jobs and stop eating on time. This can cause gas or acidity in the stomach. Nowadays many people are suffering from acidity. Although there are many ways to avoid this.. They do not give the right result. But it’s okay to follow these tips to solve that problem!

due to acidity

Air is going into your stomach while taking food. The food you eat turns into gas as soon as it is digested. That gas puts pressure around your stomach. This will make you burp. If the problem is severe it can lead to colon cancer.


hot water

If you are troubled by the problem of acidity.. you can get relief by drinking lukewarm water or herbal tea daily. Ginger and mint water works very effectively on this. Apple cider vinegar helps in reducing acidity.


Acidity relief

Avoid drinking soft drinks, tea or dairy products to get rid of the problem of gas or acidity in the stomach. Also onion, potato, salad etc. should not be eaten. They make more gas in the stomach. Avoid talking while eating. This prevents excess air from entering the stomach. Spices are also a major cause of acidity. So it is better to keep them away.