379523-falsaaajjjkkNew Delhi It is a matter of good fortune to taste sour-sweet phalsa in summer. Originally a crop of dry and hot climate, Phalsa is now found in small quantities. Phalsa is rarely cultivated as it provides coolness in the scorching heat of May. Earlier closed Phalsa used to pile up in the market but in the last few years its cultivation in the market has reduced. Phalsa is a fruit native to South Asia, India, Pakistan and Cambodia.

If you are troubled by stomach pain, then Phalsa is a panacea for you. To cure stomachache, dip 3 grams of roasted parsley in 25-30 grams of Phalsa juice and heat it a little. Drink the mixture after it becomes slightly warm. Which will give relief from stomachache. Vitamins present in Phalsa purifies the blood by removing all types of blood disorders. Consuming Phalsa in the morning and evening continuously for a month can control blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Consumption of Phalsa does not cause heat in the summer season.

Phalsa will be seen in summer-
Many people like to eat Phalsa because of its sour-sweet taste. Phalsa is mainly found in summer. Phalsa has a cooling effect and keeps the body cool in summers.

Protects from sunstroke
Chanibor shaped phallus are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron. Phalsa prevents heat stroke. Eating Phalsa provides relief in all these symptoms like vomiting, nervousness, sudden fever. Eating Phalsa in breakfast every day ends irritability. Phalsa is a very effective treatment for sunburn.

It will be clear that eating Phalsa daily gives relief in blood related problems. Vitamin C present in phalsa purifies the blood in the body and removes the problem of blood disorders. Eating regularly for a month helps control blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

Useful for skin too
Phalsa acne problem in hot weather. Not only Phalsa, its leaves are also useful in the treatment of diseases. If you have any kind of acne, skin irritation or blemishes, then keep Phalsa leaves overnight and then apply PC.

stomach pain
Problem of – If you have stomach pain problem then Phalsa will prove to be beneficial. For the treatment of stomachache, add 25-30 grams of Phalsa juice to 3 grams of roasted parsley and heat it. Drink this mixture when it cools down a bit. Similarly, Phalsa also gets rid of the problem of breath and cough.

Memory is sharp
If memory is weak, drink Phalsa juice. Vitamin C and iron present in phalsa increase blood circulation in the brain. Keep drinking Phalsa juice in breakfast every day. Drinking juice on an empty stomach will be more beneficial.